Our Value Proposition

Our value proposition is simple: We’ll grasp your objectives quickly and spare you extensive rewrites – whether the assignment is a technical investment overview or a strategic marketing communication. If you’re an investment industry business leader or marketing manager looking to supplement your internal communications capabilities, consider the advantages of working with BICG.

We are a seasoned and proven team: We’ve been in business together for more than a decade and have completed a wide range of challenging assignments for leading financial services firms.

We’ve been in your shoes: We know from long experience what it’s like to be a marketing manager trying to “get the work sold” internally. We can help you define the communications objectives and ultimate deliverable for your project.

We are on top of the financial markets and products: Each partner has been actively engaged in writing market overviews and investment updates on a monthly basis for more than a decade.

We can help with all of your communications: At one point or another, we’ve written just about everything — long-form, short-form, positioning-intensive, technically demanding — we welcome your most challenging projects.